Golf in Carefree Arizona

Golf seems to be the go to activity in Carefree AZ, a community where the name literally echoes relaxation and restoration. With linksand and hardscrabble desert, the terrain is perfect to play the game which allows the residents to compete, enjoy some recreational time and even make some of the executive decisions which have helped Carefree AZ thrive as it has in the last few decades. This was further solidified by Carefree being awarded the “Best Master Plan/Project/Study” award at the American Planning Association (APA) Arizona State Planning Conference in Tucson back in November 2015. Golf has become extremely popular within the community as it is adjacent to over 20 golf courses in the area, attracting not only the locals but professionals from all over the world. This growth has been further emphasized by the community’s ever growing culture of health and fitness. There are a number of glorious hiking trails which allows again locals and tourists to be one with the natural beauty of Carefree AZ ,as well as a developing Health and Wellness program that includes Yoga and Tai Chi. As Desert Forest welcomes golfers who prefer walking in between holes, it is very clear that the golfing community is contributing to the physical health of the town as well as economically. Business is open all year round and as Carefree AZ is usually 5-7 degrees cooler than surrounding areas, there is no better place to arrange a Tee-time and get out there on the green. 

Top 3 Golf Courses in and around Carefree AZ.


Desert Forest Golf Club

Carefree AZ boasts some beautiful resorts to play golf but one in particular that has grown with the community is Desert Forest Golf Club located at 37207 North Mule Train Road. Built at the heart of Carefree when the town was founded, it was the first “desert links” course in America which in addition to providing a variety of greens to play over 18 holes, boasts an exquisite dining facility which can be compared to some of Carefree’s top restaurants. Golf is known to be the gentleman’s sport but the ladies are encouraged to also join. Desert Forest Golf Club promotes a mixer every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning and has events throughout the season to get more ladies involved in the beautiful game. 


Terravita Golf and Country Club

Located on 34034 North 69th Way in Scottsdale AZ, Carefree’s neighbour, Club Terravita Golf Course’s natural Sonoran Desert setting is another example of the community’s natural beauty. In addition to the a full 18 hole course, the club promotes health and fitness further by including a fitness centre, swim and tennis complex as well as a trail system,  which according to the club ensures “physical fitness is an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle”.


DC Ranch Golf Course

Another popular course again in Scottsdale AZ is DC The Country Club located on 9290 East Thompson Peak Parkway. A wonderful private course at the base of McDowell Mountains, they also boast 18 holes promoting tennis and swimming as well as the Hacienda Clubhouse, perfect for any celebrations including weddings and anniversaries. In addition to the venue, catering services are also provided to take off the worries that come along with your big day. There is a certain historic Arizona charm that comes with the club that could be found in many Western resorts in the 1920’s and 30’s


The modern game, which originated in 15th-century Scotland, sure has come a long way but it is safe to say that as it is played in and around the town of Carefree AZ  the camaraderie, sense of sportsmanship and overall essence of community is definitely at a very high level. So with that being said, if you have not yet given golf an opportunity and would like to find a new hobby to either improve your fitness without the pressures of going to the gym or to even just spend time with friends and family somewhere other than in front of the television or a restaurant, why not try hitting a few balls over the fairway? You do not have to go for the full 18 hole course, choosing the 9 hole course for a shorter game is always an option too. Whatever you choose to do, the increase in fresh air will definitely provide positivity to your life.


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