Most Popular Cave Creek Events

Despite Cave Creek’s small size, it has a reputation for being a hub of cultural activity. Its western vibes have led to it hosting the largest wild west festival in the state. In addition, it is a popular spot for wine tasting and art collecting, as well as live music (nearly every bar in Cave Creek boasts live music nights throughout the week).

If you’re visiting Cave Creek in the near future, be sure to consult this list of the top 3 most popular events in Cave Creek, Arizona:

Top 3 Cave Creek Events

Arizona Wild West Festival

Taking place in Cave Creek each March is none other than the Arizona Wild West Festival. The state’s newest western/music festival, the Arizona Wild West Festival turns the town into something straight out of a 1950’s western. There are quick draw events, western stunts, treasure hunts, music contests, and more. Specifically, each day of the festival sees a unique slew of activities. The festival typically kicks off on a Friday with a night at Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse where a “high intensity bull riding” competition, known as Battle with the Saddle, takes place. The next morning, things really get going with the bulk of the festival’s events happening over the course of the weekend. Saturday and Sunday bring a battle of the bands competition (for western, southern rock, and country western bands only), a gunfighter performance at Frontier Town, a period costume event, and a full-length screening of a popular Western film. Another extremely popular event is “Bust the Dust” in which Outlaw Annie’s arena is filled with local and Hollywood stuntmen who complete an obstacle course filled with “high falling, knuckle brawling challenges.” For the young ones, each year includes a teenage version of battle of the bands and a “Holligan’s Treasure Hunt.” Admission is free to the public and people of all ages are welcome to stop by!

Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival

The Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival has taken place annually in Cave Creek for over twenty years. Run by Thunderbird Artists, a creator of fine art and wine festivals in the Southwest, this Cave Creek festival typically takes place over three days in March. This three-day festival is a great spot to marvel at incredible art or even purchase a piece for yourself. Nicknamed the collector’s show, the Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival features the best of the best owing to its rigorous jury. During this art festival, the streets of downtown close and are filled with over 5,000 original works of art from over 150 local artists. Strolling through the festival, you’ll find anything from large bronze sculptures, to abstract paintings, to small pieces of handmade pottery. In addition, the Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival features jewelry, photographs, batiks, and crafts from all over the world, ranging from Europe and Africa to Native American works. While the first part of the festival focuses on art, the second is centred on wine. It is the largest wine tasting event in the state and has wines from all over the world. To complement the wine, chocolates, nuts, and cheese are available to maximize your palette. Walk from vendor to vendor and sip on first-class wine while browsing the finest selection of art in the state. Enhanced by the stunning background of the Sonoran Desert, you won’t be able to resist a visit to the Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival.

Arizona Blues Project at Harold’s Corral

The Arizona Blues Project is a special night of live music that happens every Thursday at Harold’s Corral. These unique musical events attract both local and out-of-state artists, in addition to bringing the community together. Every Thursday, you’ll find Harold’s Corral packed to the brim, as residents of Cave Creek take in back to back live performance of blues, R&B, classic rock, and funk and soul music from 8pm until 11pm. There is no cover charge to get in, and the whole family is invited! While you’re there, be sure to enjoy the daily deals offered. They have a variety of drink and appetizer specials throughout the week such as $2.25 draft beers, $4 house wine, $3 barr well drinks, $3.25 domestic pints and bottles, and $4 premium pints and large domestic drafts. Food deals include $2 chips and salsa or a slice of pepperoni pizza, $5 shrimp ceviche or mussels venezia, $3 wings, beef sliders, tacos, or beef ribs, and half off all appetizers when you order something off the regular menu. Harold’s Corral also serves as a venue for parties and events, so be sure to take full advantage of this local watering hole!

As you can see, Cave Creek has several major events happening throughout year. Whether you’re a fan of art, wine, the Wild West, or music, there is always something to do in this small Arizona town. 

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