Top 7 Things To Do In Kitsilano Vancouver

Kitsilano is one of Vancouver’s most popular neighbourhoods. Located right on the water, the area boasts great views out at the Pacific Ocean and Instagram-worthy sunsets, as well as popular Vancouver museums, and one of the most popular beaches in the city, Kits beach. The area is often bustling with patio goers, shoppers, runners, bikers, and families getting outside and enjoying the temperate Vancouver weather. While the neighbourhood is primarily residential, there’s still a lot for visitors, tourists, and residents of other neighbourhoods in the city to do when in the area.

So looking for something to do in the Kits area? Here’s a list of 7 of the most popular things to do.

Museum of Vancouver

Located in Vanier Park directly beside Kits beach, the Museum of Vancouver’s mission is to inspire a deeper understanding of Vancouver through stories, objects, and shared experiences. The museum programs, exhibitions, and collections bring the people of Vancouver together. You can check out the current collection ‘All Together Now’, which features Vancouver Collectors and their Worlds — including 20 beautiful and and unconventional collections such as corsets, prosthetics, pinball machines, taxidermy, and toys.

H.R. Macmillan Space Centre

If you’re a space lover and are strolling through the Vanier Park area, you might also want to check out the H.R. Macmillan Space Centre. Here is where the programming, exhibits, and activities have the intended goal to educate, inspire, and evoke a sense of wonder about the universe. The most popular parts of the space centre are the Planetarium Star Theatre Show, the Astronomy Museum, and the live demonstrations on science exhibits and games in the Cosmic Courtyard.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

By far one of the most popular attractions in the Kitsilano neighbourhood is the Vancouver Maritime Museum. The museum has worked to preserve and tell the Maritime history of the Pacific Northwest and Arctic. It celebrates the significance of the ocean and the waterway of the Pacific and Arctic, through preservation and growth of their extraordinary collection. The main exhibit is the St. Roch, a historic arctic exploration vessel used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Bard on the Beach

For all theatre and stage lovers, while in the area you can check out Western Canada’s largest professional Shakespeare festival, Bard on the Beach. The season runs form early June until late September, so it’s an ideal Kits neighbourhood activity while during the summer months.

Kits Beach

Kits beach is arguably the most popular and busiest beach in all of Vancouver. Located smack in the centre of the Kits neighbourhood and directly beside the bridge entrance to the downtown city centre, it’s the perfect place to bask away in the sun for a summer afternoon. It’s also phenomenal place to people watch and check out the local Vancouver beach scene in all its glory — it lives up to its given nickname of “Tits and Tats”. Also, right beside Kits beach is the Kits pool, a popular place for some of Vancouver’s top triathletes to train for upcoming races.


After your afternoon at the beach, why not stroll along all the popular shops located on west 4th avenue, just up the hill from Kits beach. Here you have a ton of great options, including lots of athletic wear shops, most notably, the Lululemon flagship store (so you can join the longstanding Vancouver yoga wear craze!), fashion and accessory stores, including Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, and also many home décor and housewares stores.


If you don’t already know this about Vancouver, people are extremely health conscious in the city. There’s a massive movement of vegans, vegetarians, and organic eaters, and the Kits neighbourhood is sure to cater to this healthy demographic. For some great veg options, check out Sejuiced Vegetarian Restaurant for fabulous made-to-order juices and shakes, Planet Veg Restaurant for burgers, pitas, and smoothies, and lets not forget Vancouver’s most popular vegetarian restaurant, The Naam, which features local art, a garden patio and nightly live music on top of their great food.

If you aren’t feeling too health conscious at the moment and want to find the best patio in the Kits neighbourhood to drink copious Caesars and people watch yourself to death, go sit on The Local patio. This is considered the “it” spot in the Kits neighbourhood and a great place to spend “Sunday Fun Day!” drinking and hanging out with friends. Also, right beside Kits beach is the Boathouse Waterfront Restaurant, which directly overlooks the beach and water, and serves up some of the city’s best seafood.

Kitsilano isn’t just a picturesque neighborhood, there’s also a good range of activities that combine nature, history, food, drink, and shopping for all types of people. It’s good for young people who want to drink and socialize, active and outdoorsy sports people, families, and health-conscious individuals. Considered one of Vancouver’s defining neighorhoods, Kits it’s a great neighborhood to visit and spend some time in. 

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