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    I've lived in Liberty Village for about 6 months now. One of the greatest things about Liberty is how easy and efficient it is to get things done. I can take a 90 second walk right to the centre of the village, and do all of the following in 500 metres of each other: hit the bank, grab a coffee, go to the grocery store, get some new kicks at the Nike store, get my wine for the weekend, stop at the office and send an email, and grab a bite at one of the many local pubs / restaurants.

    Thinking of moving here? Think no more, this is the place for all; young families, young professionals, whatever. Come to Liberty, and feel like you're part of a community that cares about one another.

    Also, you'll probably never find a place that is as dog friendly as Liberty. So whether you have 4 legs or two, come to Liberty Village and enjoy the magic.

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