Spring Fever | changeXchange Screening-Exhibit-Symposium

VIVO is excited to take part in Spring Fever: Vancouver Independent Archives 2017. This year we present "changeXchange" - a screening (Mar 30) and 10-day exhibit(Mar 30 - Apr 8) featuring video and archival materials from the 1970's Video Exchange Network. We're also pleased to host on April 8th "Underground in the Aether: Conversations on connectivity, selfhood, and telecommunications," a symposium organized by Joni Low and Robin Simpson (Doryphore Independent Curators Society) VIVO’s multi-event SPRING FEVER program includes an evening screening, archival exhibit and symposium co-produced with organizers Joni Low and Robin Simpson (Doryphore Independent Curators Society). changeXchange changeXchange looks at the international video exchange network initiated by Intermedia member, Michael Goldberg in 1971, "Matrix," the first international conference of "alternative" videomakers (Vancouver 1973), and the subsequent incorporation of the Satellite Video Exchange Society, now known as VIVO. This international network of non-commercial video producers, community activists, and artists working with the first amateur portable video, strove to connect communities expousing alternative lifestyles, educate populations across borders, share aesthetic and technical experimentation, and to democratize the medium. SCREENING | March 30, 7pm ​ Elephants: 70’s Video from the International Exchange Network The screening title references “Me at the Zoo”, the first video uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005. The video’s 19-seconds of banal observations on elephants by co-founder Jawed Karim launched the second online video-hosting platform in six months, the first being Vimeo on October 1, 2004. Four decades earlier, non-commercial videomakers, desirous of a pre-internet mechanism for global outreach, were challenged by the physical realities of the media and an absence of efficient tools for networking. In Vancouver, this led to the creation of the Video Exchange Network and ultimately, the Satellite Video Exchange Society. Elephants features excerpts of video from the collection at the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive, specifically those gathered at the 1973 Matrix Conference and works circulated through the Satellite Video Exchange Society's first Video Exchange Tape Catalogue. Documentaries, Video Art, how-to's, and ruminations on tecnhnology, including: "The Bust of Timothy Leary" 1971, Eldridge Cleaver & G. Pignolet "Mae Brussel Conspiracy" 1972, Sue Fox "Louie" 1970, Brian Levin "Video Art" 1973, June Boe "Second Electronic Visualization Event" 1977, Tom Defanti "What is Technology" 1973, Video Ring "Image Manipulation" 1973, Stan Fox "Post Cards" 1972, Pete Berg "Statics Of An Egg" 1973, Fujiko Nakaya EXHIBITION | March 30-31, April 4-8 11am-6pm ​ of cabbages and catalogues: Matrix and the Satellite Video Exchange Society An archival exhibit about MATRIX, the formation of SVES, and the exchange network. Featuring original textual materials, audio recordings, Matrix photographs by Kazumi Tanaka, and video from the collection. SYMPOSIUM | April 8, 10am-5pm Underground in the Aether: Conversations on connectivity, selfhood, and telecommunications. Keynote: Hannah B. Higgins, professor of art history, University of Illinois at Chicago. Introduction: Elisa Ferrari and Karen Knights Presentations by Vincent Bonin Independent Curator Allison Collins Media Arts Curator, Western Front Luis Jacob Artist, Curator, Writer Jee-hae Kim University of Cologne, Germany Felicity Tayler Concordia University, Montreal Lunch and refreshments served For more information visit: www.doryphore.ca/aether Organized by Joni Low and Robin Simpson (Doryphore Independent Curators Society), with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Burnaby Art Gallery and VIVO Media Arts Centre. As part of Vancouver Independent Archives Week, and in response to the exhibition Hank Bull: Connexion ABOUT SPRING FEVER Building on the success of Vancouver Independent Archives Week 2015, Spring Fever invites new partner artists, scholars, and organizations to share their approach toward and practice within the archive. Our project aims to create inclusive spaces to consider the opportunities and limitations of our collections in documenting cultural narratives from Vancouver and beyond. We will emphasize the relationships between these narratives and social movements past and present to draw attention to shared experiences/struggles across communities that are diverse in age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and gender. Artists have a longstanding and recognized role as cultural innovators, activists and archivists. Their work forms the foundation of many Artist-Run Centres' (ARCs) collections, and their interventions help archival material reach new audiences and enhance critical perspectives on accepted histories. Activation as a means of preservation is a key framework of our program: we believe in the value of engagement and audience. Spring Fever is inspired by new growth from existing roots, seeking to sustain and celebrate sites and actions of collective cultural memory.

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