Get know me, Cameron Baldwin..

Cam...oh Cam. #CommunityCam #CamBear #KillaCam - I am an optimistic, creative gentleman with the desire to help people succeed. I was tossed into the world of marketing and advertising when I was just a young buck. Working with brands like VitaminWater, Coca-Cola and Labatt, I was engulfed in an extremely fast paced environment where anything can happen, without any notice or warning. Before the days of working for the man, I was just a 15 year young skateboarding kid with long shaggy blonde hair, and the ambition to one day compete in the X-Games.

Even though I did manage to get sponsored for my skateboarding efforts, my yearning for higher education and potential outweighed my adolescent desire to throw myself down sets of stairs and landing on 4 wheels. I currently reside in Liberty Village, Toronto, and hold a Bachelors degree in Politics and Governance, with a minor in Marketing. You might still find me at the skate park, or throwing the frisbee at the park. 


What is my spirit animal?  BEAR.

Why, you ask?

Well, it is actually a versatile spring black bear. I am able to adapt to the changing seasons, be cuddly and cute one second, then ferocious and fierce the next. Not to mention, I LOVE honey, salmon, and sleeping. I also feel like Baloo, from Jungle Book, morphed my young mind to believe I was a bear that could sing and still be friends with humans.


Why do I work at Parkbench? I work at Parkbench for many reasons. The initial attraction was the environment and the people; being able to walk into work and feel completely at home is something that I wish everyone could have. My role, as an Account Manager on the Success Team, gives me the ability to help real estate professionals dive deep into their community, and make connections, meaningful ones, that last and will be beneficial for their business model. Coming from a 'small town', the sense of community and feeling like you belong to something special and unique is something that cannot be explained without using some thesaurus from the future. 


When I'm not at Parkbench...I like to work on my other pipe dream; becoming a writer. I'm in the process of creating my own website that will highlight, well, anything I want to highlight because it's my website. As mentioned, you can still find me at the skateboard park, or soccer field, hockey rink, baseball diamond, or up at my farm rounding up the horses and running around like a little kid on a July evening.


Something you will find funny about me is....well, me. I'll make you laugh, I'll hold you if you're feeling down, and I'll catch you before you fall. I'm like Captain America, in Canada, without the unitard and shield, and way cooler.



Cam joins CEO Grant in the bear kingdom. While Grant is more of a winter hibernation bear who looks like he ate one too many blackberries, Cam is a lean, versatile spring bear. Think of those active bears in the spring time after they’ve shed the hibernation weight and are now rolling around playfully in grassy meadows, eating fresh spring leaves, bark, and licking syrupy sap off of trees, and scurrying into shallow river beds to catch salmon and trout with their claws. Yup, that’s Cam — youthful, playful, animated, just basking in the fresh spring sunlight.

Cam is much more than just a versatile, springtime black bear. From an early age, he knew he was a specially gifted black bear. As his first winter hibernation season was approaching as a young cub, Cam was petrified to go into his family’s bear cave and sleep for the winter, so he rubbed his claws together 10 times and prayed to Bear Jesus to allow him to stay awake for the winter season. Bear Jesus must have been listening to Cam’s prayers because he turned Cam into a Polar Bear so he could make winter his b*tch.

From that point forward Cam had the super bear powers to transform into different types of bears depending on his environment. He’s a Black Bear when he’s playing. A Grizzly Bear when he gets mad. A Polar Bear in the winter season. A Koala Bear when he’s just hanging out. A Teddy Bear when he needs to be very still. A Care Bear when one of his friends needs cheering up. And last year, when he was lost in a Bamboo forest into China, he turned into a Panda Bear for the first time so he could survive and live off the forest until he was rescued. Thank you Bear Jesus.

Spirit Animal: Black Bear