Meet Ferriyal Malik AKA Ferry

About me:


I'm a fun-loving, world-travelling, techno-music-listening, girly girl who's not afraid to get her hands dirty (once in a while). My 10-year plan was spend my 20s studying to become a doctor. I quickly realized that is not where I will find happiness, and so, I spent the majority of my 20s travelling the world, trying to meet a foreign husband so I could get myself a second passport. Unfortunately my high ambitions didn’t pan out, still singleL I worked in many different industries, studied many different things, until I decided to uproot my life, take the bull by the horns (Spanish reference!) and start from scratch in Spain. No friends, knowledge of the language, money or job. Comfort zone? This little unicorn/stallion prefers to be uncomfortable, cruising the Spanish plains at top speed. So, I became certified as a teacher and taught English in Spain for 3 years. Remember your cute teacher in grade 5 you would always give the apple from your lunch kit to? I’m the teacher with all the applesJ With work experience in many different fields over the years, the marketing industry is the one that truly stood out to me. My experience in marketing and teaching/coaching will allow me to push my clients to become Parkbench superstars!


My spirit animal is a..Unicorn!

I know they are mythical creatures, but I'm a hybrid unicorn, bred with a Stallion. I have one foot in reality and the other in la-la-land. You could say the unicorn-stallion combination perfectly captures my dichotomy of being both a dreamer and a realist. Unicorns are mythical and majestic creatures, while the stallion roams wild and free on open plains. I’m an avid traveler and want to see as much of the world as possible, so this describes me pretty astutely!


I work at Parkbench because...

What’s not to love about Parkbench? Going to work every day is a blast. The office environment is so much fun. The company mandate is positive and helping make a difference for many real estate professionals. That coupled with the fact that I can provide my clients with an incredible product that works and allows them to give value to their communities! It may sound cliche, but one of my life's motto is "do good everyday, no matter what it is or how small it is". Helping people everyday, enjoying my time with my co-workers AND getting paid for it? It's really a no-brainer. 


When I’m not at Parkbench I like to...move it move it. 

No, really, I do. I love the underground techno music scene, and grooving to those dark, sexy beats is one of my favourite things to do. Most people get full body massages or take warm bubble baths with a glass of fine vino to unwind. I stomp my little munckin feet to the beat and go to my happy place in special “unicorn land”. I attended piano school for 10 years as well (unfortunately no dark, sexy beats were made), and currently spend my free time creating my own music as well. Fittingly, I’m going to be releasing an EP later this year titled “Confessions of A True Unicorn”. Part 2 will be titled “The Black Stallion is Back” of course. I'm also an avid reader, and although I sometimes get too caught up in all the chaos of daily life to pick up a new read, when I do find that special book, I don’t put it down until it’s finished…or the Bachelor is on TV.


Something you will find funny about me is...

What…the bio wasn’t funny enough? Anyways, thanks for reading a little about me and my journey to Parkbench. Now it’s time for me to get back to my dark, sexy beats.


Ferrryial Malik’s spirit animal is a unicorn because she grew up always being told she was a “pretty little princess" and a unicorn is the princess of the animal kingdom, right? Yeah…well…she stood on top of her office chair and started pulling her hair out and throwing a massive temper tantrum when I told her she wasn’t aloud to be a legit princess for this exercise because it was spirit ANIMAL not spirit WHAT YOU WISHED YOU WERE. She calmed down and complied with the exercise after I told her that princesses transform into unicorns when they run at top speed. Only problem is she won’t stop sprinting around the office now. And sadly, yes, she’s still just a human.

But really….on a serious note.

Ferryial is a combination of a Wild Black Stallion and a unicorn. Imagine if Black Beauty and Lancelot did it? Yeah, they would make Ferriyal. The mixture of a Wild Black Stallion galloping through the Spanish grasslands and a majestic Icelandic unicorn flying through a bunch of happy and carefree clouds. Ferriyal’s black hair blows in the winds of new frontiers. Her gypsy soul cannot be contained or tied down. If you try and catch her, she’ll be galloping onto the next plain riding into the horizon. She’s the ferociousness of the stallion mixed with the wonderment and sparkle of the unicorn.

Spirit Animal: Unicorn