Meet Grant Finday-Shirras, CEO & Co-Founder 


Spirit Animal: Grizzly Bear


Grant has 2 passions: living healthy and working hard. With an honours specialization in sports management from Western University, and an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, it's clear that he has set himself up for success.

His experience ranges from coaching and leadership sales, marketing, and health and wellness. Grant believes in providing his community with the best resources possible, and is constantly researching new ways of accomplishing this goal.

Since graduation, this serial entrepreneur has managed the multiple promotional events, led a network marketing team, run his own fitness company, consulted startups and is fast becoming a heavy-weight in the the technology industry through Parkbench.

Grant is a formal collegiate tennis athlete and a prod Vancouverite who lives by 2 words: passion produces

Grant is the big boss bear. He’s the big bear in charge of the Parkbench cave. His number one duty is to protect his family. In sheer stature, Grant is intimidating, looking every bit the part of a ferocious Grizzly ready to attack and turn your flesh into his lunch. But quite the contrary, Grant doesn’t have a single ferocious bone in his giant, jolly, bear body. Even if he has big bear claws and a big bear growl, he’s never taken advantage of them. Imagine a Grizzly bear that has never roared? That’s Grant — a big cuddly teddy bear that you can toss around like a rag doll without him wavering from his friendly, calm demeanor. Rather than taking advantage of his big bear physical gifts to assert force and dominance, he chooses to use his big body in helpful ways rather than hurtful ways — like using his body as a heating blanket for the smaller and the colder, or using his height to grab fruits from high branches or staples from shelves, or even donating his entire body as a log bridge when his team is trying to cross treacherous river passages. Much like that of Baloo in the Jungle Book, Grant is singing them ‘Parkbench necessities’ at all times to motivate his team and get them feeling the groove!